So much stress!  Too many distractions!  Much too much to do each day!  Traffic!  No parking spaces!  Noise, noise, noise.  Busy, busy, busy.   Does any of this sound familiar??

For many people these days, it does.  Their lives seem filled with things to do, people to visit, work to complete, shopping to finish, meals to make, chores to accomplish, errands to run.   People speak quickly. Eat their meals quickly.  Walk quickly.  Breathe quickly.

How often each day are the flowers that are poking their heads into view, noticed?  the laughter of the children at play, delighted in?  the spider weaving its intricate web, admired?  

Or does rushing through each moment of each day, until bedtime arrives, and you find yourself exhausted, better describe your day?

“I want some peace” some whisper (or shout!).  And yet they seldom pause long enough to experience that peace … seldom relax so that their shoulders aren’t scrunched up in tension … seldom listen to the breath they breathe … seldom experience the peace that comes when they open themselves to be “still” and receive the Holy One’s precious peace … seldom receive that inner strength that helps them cope with the busyness of life and be humbled by the gift of life given by the great Giver of All Life.

If you are willing to receive a glimpse of that “peace that passes all understanding”, a suggestion … take a moment – right now – to close your eyes.  And here’s how:

Take a deep, deep breath.  Slowly breathe in and out, in and out, inviting the Giver of Peace into your life.  As you breathe in, you might say smoething like “Giver of Peace, I receive your peace.”  As you exhale, you might say something like “I release all that causes my body, mind, spirit to be uneasy, distressed, anxious etc.

As you do this, receive that gift of peace within your body, mind and spirit – easing the tensions, relieving the pain, quietening the dis-ease within your soul.  

When you find yourself more at peace, give thanks, for you have been in the presence of the Holy. 

And, when the daily stressors of life next affect your ability to function, to laugh, to enjoy life, to ‘be with’ others, to notice the miracles of life around you … remember to take a deep breath, invite the Giver of All Peace into your body, mind and spirit and receive that precious “peace that passes all understanding” – as gift.

© June Maffin