One little drop of water doesn’t seem like much … by itself. But when droplets of water are put together, great things can happen!  Parched dry crops become nourished by life-giving rain. Flowing rivers abound with salmon. Glistening snowflakes can be a reminder of individual uniquenesses. Magnificent waterfalls bring forth powerful energy. New life emerges from the waters of baptism.

If these can result when tiny droplets of water come together, it is awe-inspiring to realize what can happen when tiny droplets of respectful and kind words, positive thoughts, peaceful actions, religious words/actions
(any of which can be interpreted as ‘prayer’) are offered by millions around the globe and transformed into cascading waterfalls of healing.

May parched and dry discussions be watered by the Living Word of compassion, kindness and mercy. May rivers of conversation flow freely, gently and lovingly. May social media stop dramatizing, falsifying, lying. May leaders in our world, act like leaders and truly care for the people they were elected to serve, rather than care for their own selfish greed
and need for personal power.

May tiny droplets be transformative.

© June Maffin