Three chairs on a winter’s overcast day, waiting … waiting … waiting.

We, too, wait … wait for the birth of a child; wait in line at the supermarket; wait in traffic for the snarl to unsnarl; wait for news from medical tests and specialists; wait for winter to become spring; wait for the next episode of our favourite tv show; wait for a reply to an email; wait for news of a political announcement;  wait for the Season of Advent to become the Season of Christmas. Wait.

Imagine the stories these chairs could tell about the people who have sat in them over the years. Imagine the stories that can be told about all of the waiting-times in our lives.

Many waiting-times are approached with frustration, anger, fear.
But, what if we waited with anticipation, with expectancy, with hope … changing the energy … around us … within us … and beyond.   Imagine!


Photo and Text © June Maffin