On November 11th each year, communities across Canada gather at local Cenotaphs, people take a moment where they live, work, go to school to remember. Remember the sacrifice of those who have served, suffered, died on lands far away and those who have served, suffered, died here at home that we might live.

We uphold in our remembrances the men and women who serve  on our behalf as part of the Canadian operations and peacekeeping forces at home and around the world:  … Operation Artemis: Arabian Sea … Operation Attention: Afghanistan … Operation Calumet: Sinai Peninsula of Egypt … Operation Crocodile: Democratic Republic of the Congo … Operation Foundation: Tampa … Operation Gladius: Golan Heights … Operation Hamlet: Haiti … Operation Jade: Middle East … Operation Kobold: Kosovo … Operation Proteus: Jerusalem … Operation Saturn: Darfur … Operation Serval: Mali … Operation Snowgoose: Cyprus … Operation Soprano: Republic of South Sudan.

Thank you all who have served. Thank you all who are now serving. Thank you to those who are about to serve.  We remember. We are grateful.  We will not forget.

WMRemembrance Day

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