This is going on my front door in the morning
because if I were a parent or grandparent with young children
… or had a loved one living with me who had a compromised immune system
this is what I would want to put at my front door

And besides
… I am my own ‘loved one with a compromised immune system.’ 🙂

I welcome visitors on the deck, at the front door, out for a walk,
but not in my home at this time unless they are fully vaccinated
and even then, I’m putting a hold on that for the time being.

I don’t live in fear
I live in reality.
And the reality is that even being fully vaccinated,
not everyone is fully protected
and could be a carrier of the virus.

This virus is not only spreading, but mutating.

Trying to keep my mind off the terrible news about Afghanistan, Haiti, people dying from the heat, floods, tornadoes, fires (too close to home this night), and the overloaded hospitals due to unvaccinated people become ill with the virus, I decided to “create something.

This. And it will go on my front door in the morning after I laminate it.

And if you believe in the power of prayer, please pray for our world and in particular the people in harm’s way.
If you don’t believe in the power of prayer, please send gentle, kind, loving, positive thoughts their way.

© June Maffin

An aside: creator of the “Welc-Wait Are you vaccinated?” phrase is unknown. Please let me know if you know who came up with this clever phrase. Thank you.