November, welcome!   In this part of the world, you mark the end of the harvest and you mark the beginning of the season of Winter.  You bring wind.  You bring rain.  And politically this year, you bring ongoing devastation of war and great global uncertainty.

Where I live, November has been known to be an opportunity to making time to experience a sense of calm by … slowing down … making and eating comfort foods … becoming more involved in our art/craft/hobby … curling up by the fire … getting lost in a great book … making applesauce … being creative … catching up with friends by phone and mail … be-ing hopeful

Yes, being hopeful.  There is always hope.  Perhaps not tangible.  Perhaps not visible these days.  But hope exists.

How is hope here if we are feeling fearful, isolated, uncertain?  It’s here, because hope is here in us.  We are the hope.  We are the hope that after November … there will be a December … and a January … and a February, etc.   And that hope is not just for ourselves, but it is for those living in refugee camps, those at borders trying to cross and leave war-torn areas …

We cannot lose hope because if we do, what are the ones who can see no hope (beyond the possibility of a glass of water, a crust of bread, a loved one released from the prison of a building that collapsed), what are they going to do?

May we take each month as it comes.   May we take each week as it comes.  May we take day as it comes.  May we take each moment as it comes and look to this month of November as a month where courage will be found and where hope will prevail.

Welcome, November.


© June Maffin
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This photo is of the lovely ornamental cherry tree in the front yard. Oh how I love this tree.