Welcome Tuesday!
So glad you’ve arrived!

You have set before us many hours.
What will we do with those hours?

There are choices to be made.

Some choices bring change
… in our relationships
… in our work environments
… in our education
… in our health
… in our decisions

Some choices bring results in our attitude.
… Will I see this day as a day to dread?
… Will I see this day as a day to consider possibilities?
… Will I see this day as a day to anticipate?

Will this day bring
… joy to my heart?
… peace to my soul?
… life to my intellect?

It’s up to me.
Each day.

This day I choose
… Joy: work in the garden with the earth and seeds and the sunshine
… Gratitude: deal with some paperwork so there’s a beginning sense of order in the “to be filed” box.
… Creativity: play with with pen and ink and coloured markers for an hour or so.

Welcome, Tuesday!
I’m glad you’ve arrived.