Today is the last day of Passover. Today is the first day of Easter for Christians in the East, and day six of the Season of Easter in the West. Pesach (Passover) for Jewish adherents is about liberation from slavery in ancient Egypt. Easter for Christians is about new life.

Today, there is cause for neither liberation nor new life. Instead, a crime was committed at Congregation Chabad Synagogue in the town of Poway, California. Deemed to be a ‘hate’ crime, one person died and three were injured. And the question continues to be asked … when will laws happen which will make possession of assault weapons by civilians illegal?

Grief overwhelms the people of Congregation Chabad Synagogue, the people of Poway and the families affected by this senseless violence. Thoughts and prayers? Yes, I am thinking of them and all for whom this situation raises a bitter and painful personal memory of their own.

Yes, I will offer prayers … prayers of consolation and support for the victims and their families as they grieve … and prayers for the politicians who can change laws so that no other hate crimes, terrorist crimes, mass shootings, individual drive-by shootings using assault weapons will happen.

Politicians – you can change the laws so such murders don’t ever happen again. Why aren’t you? What can’t you understand, politicians?

© June Maffin’t-you-understand?