What has changed in the past two years since I wrote something similar to what follows?

Emails, FB posts, tweets from American friends who share feelings of helplessness, isolation, fear, lacking strength to face the “next” haven’t stopped.

So what has changed?
What has changed is – it’s gotten worse.
Much worse.

Dear American neighbours, sisters and brothers, my friends,
What is happening in your country is beyond imagining
… the hatred
… the fear
… the lack of concerned, caring, pastoral response by your leader in the White House

You may feel alone.
You may feel helpless.
You may feel frightened as you have never felt before.
You may not have the strength or courage to face “the next.”

Please be assured that there are people around the world who are holding you all in the Light
praying for you
are “with you” in spirit
are hoping and praying and encouraging you to vote in your this election in numbers your country has never seen before.
May you vote with hope.
May you vote love, not hate.
May you vote.
And may your vote be counted.

© June Maffin