Australian calligraphy artist Gemma Black was recently in western Canada teaching a variety of workshops, including one named Art Deco. I first learned about it a couple of years ago and wanted to take it soooo much. I talked about it with the local calligraphy guild’s workshop co-ordinator and wonder of wonders, she and Gemma chatted, the workshop was booked and I registered. I was a very happy puppy! And then, one of those health “blips on the screen of life” happened and I had to withdraw. I was no longer a happy puppy.

One afternoon, feeling very sorry for myself <silly me!>, I decided to surf the net and see what I could find about art deco. I didn’t find very much but decided to play around with some watercolours with what I did find, only to realize that my fingers weren’t very steady with a brush any more. I was going to stop and then had a good talk with myself and continued on.

The result – in carrying on with the project, I learned some things I’d learned a long time ago, but somehow had forgotten. Simple lesson, really – never stop playing!

As the watercolour went on the Arches Text Wove paper and then the card was mounted on red, then white, then red cardstock and a birthday card for a special friend evolved. If you are dealing with physical pain, let me be the first one to encourage you to find something creative to do within your range of physical abilities and dexterity … make a card, bake a cake, make paper beads, write a letter to someone, play with watercolour … whatever! And oh yes, while I was creating, I not only experienced the pain less intense for a bit, but a peace, deep within.

Ahhhh, Soulistry’s combination of creativity + spirituality rises to the surface. Again. 🙂

© June Maffin