how do i know … when … if god speaks?
– is god … the voice deep within … the thought that flits through my head … the heartbeat that races … the questions … the answers
– is god … any of these … none of these … all of these
– is god really god – holy other – creator – spirit … or is it simply me

when god speaks … do i know for certain what i must do? am i certain it is god who speaks?  not really and yet … yet i cannot remain inactive or unresponsive

higher power – god – spirit – holy other – creator – invites me to live,
to risk, to move forward, to respond to that quiet inner voice, to trust the source whose Name seems hidden … in mists of confusion … in voices of doubt … in shadows of uncertainty, expectant that what lies ahead will nurture and challenge and bless and believe that the true voice of spirit
will not lead me to chaos or confusion


Photo & Text © June Maffin