Today was a dark day in the United States.
A day where … greed trumped compassion … power trumped integrity and truth … and lives will be sacrificed because a small group of very wealthy, powerful people in Washington voted on a Bill they were desperate to pass
even though they didn’t read the Bill ahead of the vote and had no knowledge of its contents, let alone its consequences.

In Native American folklore the owl represents ‘sacred knowledge’ and is a symbol of being able ‘to navigate any darkness in life.’  Where, O Owl, is the ‘sacred knowledge’ in all of what has been happening? How can this darkness be navigated?  “Owl,” said Rabbit to Owl “you and I have brains.
The others have fluff. If there is any thinking to be done in this Forest, you and I must do it.”   <
A.A. Milne>

What can I do … living in a country that is not the United States?
If I feel so helpless and can’t imagine what people living in the United States are feeling, what can I do?

I can add my small voice to the growing international voice of outrage.  I can let my neighbours to the south know that they are in my thoughts and prayers.  I can move my thoughts to possibilities and not dwell on the darkness.  Those are some things I can do.

What can be done by those living in the United States?
They can pray. They can blog. They can contact their local Senator and let them know their thoughts and implore them to not vote to accept the Bill when it gets to the Senate.  They can add their signature to petitions that have begun to circulate.  They can write their local newspapers and speak up at Town Hall meetings.

We must remember that we have brains and … the others have fluff.  Together, may we be owls … wise owls … who possess sacred knowledge
and are able to navigate “any darkness in life.”


Photo, Wise Owl Card and Text © June Maffin