“Words, words, I’m so sick of words” sang Julie Andrews in ‘My Fair Lady’.

There are times when I’m sick of words too … words that people use to explain their lies … words used to defend indefensible positions … words that belittle – abuse – mock – harass – demean – bully – disrespect.

Author, theologian and priest, Matthew Fox, noted that “silence gives way for Spirit to arrive.” I like that – a lot.

International calligrapher, Alice Young, beautifully rendered Fox’s words and I was led to ponder a possibility – a challenge – a hope – a prayer: that each of us would turn off our tv, computer, radio, iphone, ipad, etc. for one hour each day, for the next three days and, in that one hour, we would not be involved in any conversation by … text … email … social media … phone … or in person.

What would we do?

We would “do” nothing.
We would simply “be”
… be present to the still, small Voice within
… be present to the sounds of Nature’s joy
… be present to the silence

In so doing, we would give space for Spirit to arrive and maybe, just maybe, … truth would emerge … reason would surface … healing might begin.

© June Maffin

Calligraphic Art:
Alice Young www.calligraphy.ca
used with permission