Somewhere this day/night,
there is a wee rabbit who utters a prayer
for the two-legged creatures she sees on her travels.

“O Creator Of Us All,
I pray for the two-legged creatures
who foolishly ignore the signs that are all around.
Signs which, if they aren’t acted upon,
will result in even more damage to the environment.

Dear One Who Is The Truth,
I pray for those two-legged creatures
who hear truth about the coronavirus and climate change
and yet choose to ignore it.

O Holy One Who Celebrates Life,
I pray for wisdom and compassion for all in the two-legged world
so the spread of the pandemic will be stopped
and the devastation of this planet we share with them
will not come to an end.

Thee Who Loves All Creatures,
I pray for unconditional love
to move in the hearts of those two-legged creatures
whose hearts are cold
and whose minds are focused on selfish ways.

May this prayer be heard
and may the two-legged-ones
exercise wisdom, compassion and kindness to us
and to one another.

This day, this night,
… Holy One
… Hearer of Whispered Concerns
… Listener of Unspoken Fears
… Gentle Bearer of Grief
remind the two-legged creatures that
this earth is sacred
the waters are sacred
the sky is sacred
the animal, plant, fish, mammal, insect kingdoms are sacred

and they are sacred.

This day, this night, Sacred Friend Who Loves Unconditionally,
remind the two-legged creatures
of your call to them to be good stewards of the lands, the skies,

the waters, each other, and themselves.
And remind them
that if they don’t change their ways
will not survive


© June Maffin
Photo: © Stefan Fluck, Unsplash.  Used with permission