Long ago, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was born.
Considered to be one of the most important Stoic philosophers,
Aurelius penned these words:
“When you arise in the morning,
think of what a privilege it is to be alive:
to breathe,
to think,
to enjoy,
to love.”

The world seems to be going crazy on so many levels.
It would be easy to give way to the fear, the anger, the hopelessness, etc.

It would be easy
…. but I refuse to give power to evil.

Today, I awoke.
… I am grateful.

Today, I awoke.
I could breathe.
… I am grateful.

Today, I awoke.
I could think.
… I am grateful.

Today, I awoke,
I enjoyed something.
Many things.
… I am grateful.

Today, I awoke.
I loved.
… I am grateful.

Each day,
may we waken
and find something each day
… no matter how small
for which we are grateful.

Today, I picked these flowers in my garden.
I am grateful for them
and I am grateful
that today,
I awoke.

© June Maffin

The flowers are from my garden on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.