A story … some realizations … a tender ‘memory … and some conclusions.

Faith: One day, in a town troubled by drought for many months, villagers decided to gather and pray for rain. On the appointed day, the people gathered. One little boy came with an umbrella. Faith. That’s faith.

Have you ever noticed that when you toss babies up in the air, they laugh? That’s because they know you’ll catch them. Trust. That’s trust.

Attitude: When my husband turned 85, he delighted in wearing a shirt that read “I am not 85 years old. I am sweet 16 with 69 years of experience!” Attitude. That’s attitude.

Humour: When we were children, naptime was often regarded as punishment. Now an afternoon nap is like a mini-vacation. Humour. That’s humour.

Hope: Each night, we go to bed without any assurance that we’ll be alive the next day. And yet how often do we still set the alarm to wake up in the morning? Hope. That’s hope.

In spite of zero-knowledge that there will be a tomorrow,
we still plan events, meetings, appointments in our agendas / daytimers / phones. Confidence. That’s confidence.

Love: The world is suffering and many consider the future to be bleak.
Yet people still marry and have children. Love. That’s love.

May we live each day with Faith, Trust, Hope, Confidence, Love, Attitude
and Humour. 🙂

© June Maffin