What is “Soul-Questions” about?
It’s about questions. 
Difficult questions like
– Who am I?
– Why does suffering exist in the world?
– Does God/Higher Power/Creator exist?
– What happens after I die?
– What is my purpose?
– Why has a particular accident / illness / virus happened to my loved one? my friend? the world? me?

It’s about questions that come in moments of confusion – times of silence – in interpersonal relationships – during meditation – among community – in solitude – at a point of crisis – in moments of peace – in sickness – during prayer – at times of health – during times of doubt and questioning.

Soul-Questions. Spirituality.

Spirituality responds to the difficult questions (the Soul-Questions) which help create soul-space within ourselves. In doing so, we are better able to understand what life is about; recognize, experience and share love; encounter peace and reduce stress in our lives; and heal.

The idea of Soul-Questions began at a particularly difficult time in my life when I was diagnosed with mercury poisoning.

Within 48 hours of the diagnosis, I found my muscles atrophying and my mind unable to process simple things. The only prayer I could utter was “God, help.” I lived alone, was in constant pain and exhaustion; had difficulty sleeping and lost my ability to read for almost a year. I struggled daily to maintain a sense of balance in my life. When the medical specialist told me that I wouldn’t die from the mercury poisoning, but that I would wish that I had (he wasn’t far wrong on many days), I knew that I needed to take back my life one small step, one short moment at a time. 

That began in two ways. The first was to record, on paper each evening before going to bed, one thing that blessed my day in some way and had be grateful I was alive. The second was to teach myself how to read once again.   Because I recognized the letters, but couldn’t put them together into words. I began with magnetized letters on the fridge and then created short words, sounding them out.  Eventually I moved to longer words and then words of different lengths in short sentences.  I began a card file of short quotations.  I practiced saying the words out loud each day and then … something wonderful happened.  I began to not just read the words as words, but wonder about the meaning behind the words in the quotations.  I began to write questions to myself around the quotations.  I was creating soul-space within myself.

And, that’s how the Soul-Questions emerged. 

Eventually, the Soul-Questions became the focus of the “Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul” book, are now the focus of the Soulistry “Soul-Questions” series here http://soulistry-com.ibrave.host/soul-questions-blog-posts and on Facebook www.facebook.com/groups/soulquestions.

As I journaled my responses to the emerging Soul-Questions, an understanding of who I was, and who I was becoming, began to evolve for they encouraged me to look more deeply within myself.  The precious balance I sought began to emerge as I made time to answer the Soul-Questions and my spirit experienced a deep peace that passed cognitive understanding as I began to heal. 

As COVID19 continues its tentacle-like spread around the world and the physical fear of being diagnosed with the virus is compounded by growing economic concerns, a global atmosphere of fear, anxiety, loneliness and alienation of spirit, is bringing a growing concern for emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The pandemic has caused many to self-isolate, so time is no longer the ‘elusive pimpernel’ it once was.  Perhaps this enforced time-apart can have a quality of giftedness if we allow it to be a time of inner work.

How to use “Soulistry Soul-Questions”
From time to time, a quotation will appear along with accompanying Soul-Questions.  Write the quotation in your Journal. Then add the first question and write your response. 

At your leisure, add the second Soul-Question and respond and continue on.  Btw, it helps to put the date after each Soul-Question response.

This is your opportunity to know yourself more deeply – your time to listen, think, pray, ask yourself “what do I believe about this?”  

Take your time in writing your replies. In the process of responding to the Soul-Questions, a deepening of spiritual awareness will emerge as you confront moments when you were fragile, in the midst of pain, lonely, fearful, suffering, questioning, anxious, doubting and as you encounter times in your life of hope, joy, peace, celebration. You will come to know yourself in a deeper way.

Final thoughts:

Try keeping the Soul-Questions and your responses in one place by using a separate Journal that you make or purchase.

If you are an artist, perhaps creating a painting, calligraphic rendering of the quote, piece of sculpture etc., might deepen this journey of self-discovery for you.

Your responses to the Soul-Questions are personal, but if you would like to share them here with the rest of us, feel free to do so.  Your responses could encourage someone else.

May the Soulistry “Soul-Questions” nurture your spirituality; may they be an encouragement as you come to a deeper understanding of yourself;  and may they provide a unique window to your soul. 
Shalom.  Namaste.  Blessings.  Peace.
June Maffin

The Soul-Questions are from the book “Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul” which is available at www.soulistry.com/books, Amazon and can be ordered from local bookstores. the book included directions for making a homemade Journal.

* Authors/publisher of the questions or their Estates have kindly given permission for Soulistry to use the quotes.

© June Maffin