Bigger Than It Looks, January 5, 2013

I’ve been reading Soulistry for five days now, and I am only on the second page. I think this little book is bigger than it looks! I have read many good books on creativity, inspiration and spirituality, but this one is different. It’s a guide, but not a how-to book of activities and projects. Journaling is strongly suggested, but not required. The format is simple: a quote (journal prompt) followed by questions to ponder.

A myriad of topics from aging to mystery to God are touched upon. The book can be read in a day, or it might take a year to get through it. Every prompt with its set of questions stands on its own. I would suggest that the reader become familiar with the back of the book which contains the epilogue and the appendices before reading and working with the prompts and questions.

June Maffin knows that a good teacher does not give students answers, but instead poses questions that will lead the students to the answers.

Personally, I find journaling to be a powerful tool as a prelude to doing art especially if it incorporates calligraphy. The quotes (prompts) and Soul-Questions of Soulistry become a vehicle for transforming the written word into a visual concept.    Journaling facilitates the transformation with deep personal meaning.

So, the journaling becomes imagery, a sketchbook.    Soul + Artistry = Soulistry.   (Amazon review)