As I stepped out of the car to take this photo, the bird appeared on the beach, the sun began to set, and a transcendent peace seemed to enfold me.  It was a quiet moment, a gentle experience of Love, and I wondered “what will Tomorrow bring?”  Not just tomorrow or the next day, but the Tomorrow of when we die.

Many who have died and been brought back to life, speak of feelings of peace, gentleness, a Love that transcended any love they’d ever experienced before.  My mother was such a person.  Fearful of death before her experience with death-before-Death, such an experience changed her forever and then she lived her remaining years, unafraid, and in anticipation of the peace, gentleness and Love she believed awaited her when her sun set for the final time.

When tragedy happens and people perish, when accidents happen and people die, when illness happens and people succumb, my mother’s experience comforts me.

What will Tomorrow bring for me? for you? for all who have gone: those known to us – those unknown to us.  May they – may we rest in a peace that passes understanding … rest in a gentleness beyond comprehension … rest in a Love that is inexplicable.   May peace, gentleness, Love be what Tomorrow will bring.


Photo and Text © June Maffin