Merry Christmas – Fifth Day of Christmas!    

Have you ever wondered what the Five Golden Rings of the “12 Days of Christmas” song stood for? I have, but as there is no reference to them in the song, some “Soulistry” food-for-thought about what they might stand for.

May you be encircled by
Five Golden Rings:

The Golden Ring of PEACE
… that passes intellectual understanding

The Golden Ring of JOY

… of living life to the fullest.

The Golden Ring of LOVE

… that is unconditional.

The Golden Ring of HOPE

… that never stops,
regardless of personal circumstances or global concerns.

And the Golden Ring of PATIENCE

for life to unfold
and remind us
of the importance of living in the ‘now’.

© June Maffin

The Soulistry Christmas reflection series is published each day during the Season of Christmas (Christmas Day to Epiphany, January 6th), offering a lovely stretch of time to reflect, enjoy, delight in, and consider how we can bring a little bit of Christmas into our life and the lives of others every day.

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May the Twelve Days of Christmas be a reminder that Christmas isn’t just “one day,” but can continue to be alive in hearts and lives every day – even beyond the Season of Christmas.   🙂


© June Maffin