A gentle walk along a rural path
brought forth images of summers long ago
when a swing under the huge cherry tree in our back yard
provided countless hours of relaxation and fun for one little boy
– my son.

As he swung,
his feet would move back and forth to maintain a rhythm,
and he would hum,
hum ever so quietly to himself.
He was content with life.
Content with himself.

His world was peaceful, safe, gentle.

But for countless children around the world,
their world is anything but peaceful, or safe or gentle.
And they are anything but content or happy.

That’s not fair.
That’s not right.
That’s not the way the Universe is supposed to unfold.
And it not only saddens me,
it makes me angry.

So I dream.

  • I dream of a time when all children are safe from abuse.
  • I dream of a time when parents take parenting classes when they discover they are expecting a baby.
  • I dream of a time when children go to school where they will learn the basics of language, mathematics, science, history, civics, geography, social responsibility and where they will be exposed to physical education, the arts and play.
  • I dream of a time when children arrive to school well-fed and ready to learn.
  • I dream of a time when parents are offered support when they need it.
  • I dream of a time when teachers are educated, respected, well paid, and supported.
  • I dream of a time when children are safe … safe at home, safe at school, safe in their communities.

I will continue to dream.

And I will act by exercising my right to vote and vote for candidates to provide laws that protect, educate nourish and nurture children so that they can live with clean air; clear water; nourishing food; safe homes, schools and communities; responsible parents; and freedom.

May we continue to dream … and act.


© June Maffin