Why do we let the behaviour of others complicate our lives, cause hurt, alienate us from friends / family members, even destroy our inner peace. Why?  And when we do let the behaviour of others do those things, what consequences come our way?   

Surely when we let the negative behaviour of others enter our thoughts, our conversations, even our sleep to the point that we become unable to think about much else or get a full night’s sleep, our inner peace is destroyed.  If we want inner peace, we must make decisions about who we let into our thoughts, our conversations, emails, blogs, Facebook posts.  We must not let the behaviour of others destroy our inner peace.

A friend posted this and with her permission, I share it here.  She wrote: 
“To tell me I’m not family because my political views are different from yours, is beyond sad. To wish me dead, simply because I have gay friends and support gay rights, because I believe there should be gun reform, and because I had the audacity to be supportive of those who chose to walk out of class for 17 minutes is beyond sad.  My heart breaks for you.  I love you.  But you should know, I will love you from a distance.”

I was deeply saddened that she found herself in such a situation and  saddened that the political situation in her country has come to this morass where families are divided.  I am grateful she chose to walk out of class for 17 minutes; grateful she supports her gay friends; grateful she believes in gun reform; grateful she continues to love those who have expressed hatred for her; grateful she realizes that such love must be from a distance for self-preservation; and grateful that she is taking care of herself and walking the path which will lead her to inner peace.

What about us?   What decisions do we make about who we let into our lives – thoughts – time – conversations – emails – Facebook page? Are we taking care of ourselves and walking the path of inner peace?




© June Maffin
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