“The whole secret of the spiritual life is just this painful struggle to come awake, to become really conscious.” 

Gerald Heard (1889-1971) was a historian, science writer, educator and philosopher as well as mentor to Bill Wilson, (co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous), and Clare Booth Luce (author and politician).


1. What does “to come awake, to become really conscious” mean for you?

2. Have you experienced your life, your spiritual journey at any time as “struggle” – as “painful”?

3. If so, how?

4. How would you describe your “spiritual life” today?

5. If you could have described your spiritual life a year ago, how might you have described it?

6. Where would you like to see your spiritual life in a year from now?

7. What and / or who might help you achieve those goals?


How to use “Soulistry Soul-Questions”
You may want to begin a Journal so your responses are all in one place.

From time to time, a quotation will appear along with accompanying Soul-Questions.  Write the quotation. Add the first question and write your response.  At your leisure, add the second Soul-Question and respond and continue on.  Btw, it helps to put the date after each Soul-Question response.

Take your time in writing your replies. This is your time – these are your answers.

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