Dr. June Maffin has marked the trail for all of us seeking a deeper, creative and more meaningful life. Amazon has released, artid member June Maffin’s guide to the within. Entitled Soulistry, Artistry of the Soul. June has thoughtfully structured the book in such a way that the outcome of each person’s journey will be different depending on one’s answers. The questions are both road map and compass to an often overlooked destination — the elusive “within.”

“Making changes in your life is difficult and requires work, so much so that many people are not willing to make the effort.”

Like so many explorers who kept a diary of their adventures, this guide to journal- keeping gently asks the questions that only the traveler can answer. A thoughtful read and a gentle gift for someone you love who is struggling with life’s questions.

Mary Lawler 
Marketing Director for ArtId (www.artid.com)