I have written daily in a spiritual journal for more than thirty years.  It began in response to an invitation – not unlike the one June Maffin extends here – only it was a different time and place for me. Still, her welcome encouragement speaks to me after all these years.

The author offers both excitement and adventure in new spiritual growth that continues to intrigue me. That is the thing about real spirituality – the possibilities for internal renewal continue to be limitless – whether you are a beginner, or a person with considerable experience.
As I engage this book, I see quickly that it is the product of a good deal of faithful living and spiritual investment. From her experience has come a rich harvest of understanding that is readily evident in the material. June has known some difficult challenges in her spiritual journey, but from what I know of her, I have always admired the balance and equanimity with which she faces life’s problems.
A point about the 80 Soulistry Journal Prompts and Soul-Questions that constitute almost 90 pages of the book. She includes the wisdom of a wide-range of spiritual guides – some of whom are Christian and some of whom are not. In this, she shows that the spirit of God is not limited or confined to a particular faith. But at the same time – she reveals through such quotes – the broadness and depth of her own Christian life.
She demonstrates that one can grow in spiritual maturity only if one has a solid grounding upon which to stand. That maturity is not always found today but when she quotes persons I know personally or with whom I have had a long-standing reading acquaintance, I realize that she is not simply ‘spiritual name-dropping’ but has solid reasons for quoting such people. They have become intimate partners in her own spiritual quest. She includes a biographical listing of all her contributors, which I found helpful – especially for the less familiar names.
Don’t read this book because you want to collect a string of quotes or impress people with your literary prowess. Read it because you sense a depth and quality in the person quoted. For example, one of her subjects is also a person to whom I owe a great deal of respect and appreciation. Herb O’Driscoll, a colleague of this list and a retired priest of the Anglican Church of Canada is a wonderfully creative preacher and writer. The author quotes these words from him: “Come and journey, journey upward. Sing God’s praises. Offer prayer. In the storm and in the stillness. Find God’s presence everywhere.”  (pp. 36-7) This is but one example of many I could mention; but why not secure the book and meet other inspiring mentors and guides in the process?
Thanks, June, for creating this very fine spiritual reading-companion.  I will treasure and return to it often; and am sure that many others will do the same.