Long ago, it is said, that a star appeared in the sky – a star that was unlike any other. All were amazed – and perhaps, even the lambs. 🙂

Years and years ago, I made this banner for Epiphany which is the season that began January 6th for many around the world.

The banner was made out of a black velvet-like fabric and white fabric paint was dabbed on the fabric to create the images. The black velvet-like fabric is fading, the lines of the star are still crooked and every year I take it out and hang it as a gentle reminder of a dreary, wintery weather’s day when I decided to try painting on black velvet-like fabric and the hope and peace that such a reminder of light in the Season of Epiphany brings.

I find Epiphany and its symbolism of ‘light’ to be helpful during the winter months of weather, the winter months of war, and the winter months of the soul which so many around the world are dealing with these days as democracy is being threatened. I hope you do, too, and bring light into your home in a variety of ways.

May light be within you.
May light be around you.
May light walk before you and walk behind you.
May light envelope, embrace and sustain you and this world.
And may the awe and wonder of the wee lambs as they gazed on the star – the Light – be instilled in the hearts of all so our world is a place of hope, lovingkindness and peace.

Happy Epiphany Season!

© June Maffin