A kaleidoscopic tumbling of emotions pierce conversations and thoughts as
yet another terrorist attack happens, civil unrest around the world escalates, natural disasters seem undeterred, medical issues and a global virus causes confusion and fear of the unknown.

Media’s negativity barrages listeners, readers, viewers.  Political antics, reminiscent of childhood playground fights, perpetuate voter-angst.  Religious organizations remain angry and divided around their definition of marriage.  Courts make decisions bringing relief to some, death to some and certain politicians continue to be self-serving rather than serving those who elected them.

Words can wound and heal.
Words can bring division and reconciliation.
Words can cause confusion and bring hope.
Holy Word Among Us,
encourage us to be sensitive to those whose opinion differs from ours
empower us with compassion
enable us to move beyond woundedness, confusion, fear
equip us to survive and energize us with hope.  Amen.

WM. Caryl&EvoHome
© Photo and Text   June Maffin