Ahhhh, words – I love them.  

Every year during the Season of Epiphany (the season in Christianity that remembers the star that is said to have guided the Magi to the Christ Child), I choose my Star-Epiphany Word (SEW) – a word that will ‘guide’ me (as a star) in the coming year to ‘epiphanies’ and “ah-hah” moments of life.

The word I’ve chosen for this year is ‘OPEN.’ 
I want to be ‘open’ to what the Creator / Universe / By-Whatever-Name has for me in terms of personal growth, relationships, expansion for “Soulistry”.

I want to be ‘open’ to possibilities, learning, sharing, networking and …

What about you?
What word do you choose to guide your year?
What will you be SEWing?
It could be anything!

Whatever word you choose will be the right word for you.

© June Maffin