Do you remember …

When a deep part of you that you’d long forgotten was awakened by the colour of a flower … the sound of an instrument … the taste of a meal … the touch of love … a moment of silence in the midst of a chaotic day?

When you surprised yourself by singing … creating …  laughing out loud … dancing a few steps in an unexpected time/location?

When the contrast of … sky and trees … night and day … sunrise and sunset – brought a sense of wonder that filled your soul?

When the laughter of a child … the smell of a newborn … the antics of a pet … the unexpected embrace of a loved one … the personal words that accompanied a “Happy Birthday” greeting  … the fragility of life … reminded you that there was “something more” to this world?

When you followed that “still, small voice within” making a decision?

When the concept of sacredness brought a sense of peace to your soul … and you couldn’t explain it to anyone, or even yourself?

When, in spite of personal difficulties, fears, doubts, you … chose to put one step in front of the other … chose to take the day, one moment at a time … chose to whisper ‘hope is possible’?

Those are moments when we touch the holy.
Those are moments when the Holy touches us.

In these difficult days of unceasing viruses, divided families,  countries at/on the brink of war, flagrant lies from people in leadership positions, financial instability, diminishing health, global climate concerns and more, may we
~ be observant to the holy
~ remember the moments when we have touched the holy
~ and be receptive to the moments when the Holy touched us.

© June Maffin

© June Maffin “Soulistry: Artistry of the Soul”