It’s dandelion season where I live.  Dandelions are intriguing, life-creating, with wonderful geometric designs.

And, they can  help explain prayer.  Yes, prayer.
Some people find it’s difficult to use the word ‘pray’ or ‘prayer’
without a sense of self-consciousness or discomfort.

The childhood game of blowing dandelion seeds into the air while making a wish as the breath is exhaled,  then encouraging that wish to float freely is one way to explain … trusting the unknown … believing in God / Holy Other / Creator / By Whatever Name … accepting possibilities into life

Try taking a deep cleansing breath as you read this. 
Slowly exhale and imagine yourself blowing dandelion seeds into the air.
As you do this, release your prayers/wishes … “Dandelion Wish-Prayers.”

Let’s “Dandelion Wish-Pray” today.  

© June Maffin