On this 22nd anniversary of 9-11, the world remembers.
We remember the fear, the terror, the bravery, the sacrifice, the horror of it all.

The world specifically remembers
… the First Responders who died.

The world remembers
… those who struggle with ill health since being near Ground Zero.

The world remembers
… those killed in the twin towers & planes.

The world remembers
… those who continue to grieve
… and those who deal with PTSD and health issues because of that day.

We Canadians remember.
We are physical neighbours of those who live in the United States.
We have been, and continue to be, friends.
Canadians will never forget 9-11.
May the world never forget 9-11.

It is up to each of us to
… remember the day
… remember the lessons
… remember.


© June Maffin