“Will It? Won’t It?” That question burst forth as I noticed the shrivelled radish in my veggie bed. It was November … and a very cold day.

I brought the radish indoors, put it in a tiny pottery pot, placed it in a glass jar and filled it with water. “Will it” survive?” I wondered.

Five days later – it did! And not just survive – but thrive!

It’s been very cold in the United States in recent months with riots, political harangue, volatile tweets, social unrest, violence, lies.
And then it got colder as Americans went to mid-term election polls. Ballots were counted Days of waiting happened as mail-in, military, early-voting ballots were counted. Americans and nations around the world wondered “Will it?”

This mid-term election change things? Will it offer hope?
And then – the results! There is light ahead.

The answer to “Will it” – will the United States survive? –
can be found in the shrivelled radish in my kitchen window.
That radish is surviving. The United States will survive.
Hope is released. Hope is tangible.

“Will it? – Will hope continue”?

© June Maffin